L O T I O N S 

What's the purpose behind using a tanning lotion?

Using a tanning lotion is an essential component to achieving a deep, rich tan. When the skin is not nourished and dry, the uv light will reflect off of the surface of the skin rather than absorb. Using a tanning lotion can help you see results 60% faster, and maintain the overall health of your skin and life of your tan due to the nutrient packed ingredients each of our lotions contain.  

What's the difference between an accelerator, bronzer, and a tingle?

1. Accelerator / Intensifier: These forms of lotion contain ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin. There are no added bronzers to accelerators and you will only see the color that your natural melanin will produce. 

2. Bronzer: bronzing lotions contain DHA or a cosmetic bronzer that ultimately give you instant color. Regular use with a bronzer will help you develop a deep tan quickly!

3. Tingle: tingle lotions contain ingredients that cause micro-circulation. This brings the red blood cells to the surface of the skin. When oxygen in your blood rises to the surface of the skin, UV light can reach it more easily. When using a tinge lotion you may experience mild to intense tingling of the skin and reddening of the skin. However these effects may only last approximately an hour after your tanning session. If you're looking to deepen your tan to the next level a tingle may be the way to go!  

*Each Extreme Tan location carries different inventory. Please call to verify your desired location has the lotion you are wanting!